Hey, I'm Lenise.

I'm a New Zealand photographer living in Melbourne, Australia. 

Taking a natural approach to my photography, I work to thoughtfully capture honest moments, details and thrive within the vulnerability of working closely with people. I'm interested in relationship and collaboration, and wedding photography is an assignment of both. 

Most importantly, I love creating something that is timeless and invaluable. Good and meaningful photography is enriching and sentimental, its what you want to display on your wall or in an album on your coffee table, and with time increases in sacredness. It's the 'why' that drives me as a photographer. 

After beginning my professional journey in 2014, I have had the opportunity to photograph weddings in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Scandinavia and Indonesia. I'm very lucky that my work allows me to travel and experience different landscapes and cultures.

I also want to acknowledge my support of the LGBTQI community.

If interested, you can see some of my personal life/work here.


I'm curious to hear your story, and I always try and start things with a glass of wine (even if its over Skype), so get in touch by sending me an email.




+61 4 5221 6663



NZ - OCT 20 - NOV 7.

SYDNEY - NOV 15 - 19.

NZ - JAN 10 - FEB 5.