For a long time it has been a dream of mine to travel Scandinavia.  


With its melancholic charm, impeccable design aesthetic, stunning landscape and architecture, unique cultures, history and of course, film and music, I absolutely had to experience it. You know its good. 


So, I made the decision to follow my heart, to sacrifice a wedding season in Australia, pack up my entire life in Sydney (I downsized to a suitcase) and spend a year based in Sweden and travel Europe. 'Why Sweden?' people have asked. Quite simply, its central Scandinavia, I'm interested in the dynamic and diverse culture, the language, sustainability and eco way of life, good coffee and a lot of good music (which is their second largest export...), so to me it seemed like an exciting place to base myself. 


This past weekend I had the incredible privilege of shooting a wedding in Copenhagen and Malmö. Documenting a beautiful day, a beautiful couple (see my previous post), it was a really positive and valuable experience, and the perfect start here.  

I'm very thankful for the opportunities and support I have had since arriving in Malmö 3 weeks ago.


I'll be attending the Way Up North conference in Stockholm in October which I'm really excited about. 300 wedding photographers gathering from around the globe, it's going to be incredible! 


So here I am in Scandinavia, living the dream! ...More so drinking coffee, taking photos and wondering why there are so many falafel joints in Malmö and a major shortage of good peanut butter (I really like peanut butter). 


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