I've invited Jo Parker, a professional Sydney florist, to share some practical and thoughtful tips for brides and anyone event planning with florals. We hope these little pieces of advice will help you to create the most beautiful florals for your big day. Enjoy!



1. Water


Water, water, water! Though it may seem obvious, the absolute best thing you can do for your beautiful florals is to make sure that they have fresh, cool water to rest in during the day. I can't stress how much it helps to have a vase or bucket handy for each of your bouquets - especially during summer weddings and events. Flower stems seal up in a couple of minutes out of water, so a little pair of scissors or secateurs to trim the stems would be helpful as well. A great idea is to ask one of your drivers or a friend who will be with you throughout the day to have a few buckets in the boot of a car - while you are travelling, having photos without your bouquet or having some time out during your day, your flowers can have a rest too. They will thank you from the bottom of their perfect little flower hearts.


2. Buy local


Something that I really, really believe in is local produce. In Sydney (and many cities around Australia) we are lucky to have incredible farms close by - there isn't really a need to import international produce. Buying from local producers has so many benefits: your flowers will last longer because they will have been cut more recently; they will likely have been treated with a lot less pesticides and chemicals and a lot more love and care; you will be supporting your local economy; and importantly, you will be buying flowers that are blooming in their natural season. This means that they are likely to look better, smell beautiful and last really well.


3. Give your florist freedom


As florists working in the wedding industry, we know how important all of the little details are. We care about the difference between cream and ivory, which blooms you love and which won't work for you, different ribbons and pins and tones. The best advice I can give to a bride or anyone planning an event where you're hiring a florist is simple: give your professional the freedom to work with what is best on the day. The most difficult thing about florals is that everything is so dependent on nature - too much rain, not enough rain, or too much wind and your dream flower won't even make it to the market! So, let your florist know the colours you'd like, the tones, the shapes, the vibe, and let them do the work of sourcing the blooms that are the most beautiful on the day. It'll always work out best - I promise.




To see more of Jo's beautiful work, you can follow her here: @joparker


Thank you for reading!

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